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Zinsta is an online marketing product and service for you as musician / producer / entrepreneur. Zinsta can hold your online music library, help you managing, labeling and selling your productions and music. The easy to browse frontend widget which can be placed on any website delivers functionalities such as music player, product catalog, discount & coupon code systems, contact form, terms information, beattape playlist and much more.

Zinsta automatically proceeds transactions and payments via PayPal. Upon purchase your clients instantly receive their purchased products including a detailed invoice and signed .pdf contracts via email.

Manage and track all transactions via the Zinsta User central - analyse your sales and downloads to truly optimize your business.
Zinsta is easy to use, safe and steadily improving - A reliable 3rd party for your transactions and an established business partner to make the connection between you and your (potential) clients. We started in 2010 developing an advanced system in very close cooperation with industry leading producers and producer teams - orchestrating your input into one project, to optimize the systems from A to Z. And we are still on our mission in 2012. All future updates, add-ons and fixes are 100% free and available to all Zinsta members.
microZinsta is our newest addition to the franchise. It is basically a very compact Zinsta widget saving the music player option and giving your clients the chance to select single tracks with different licenses + checking out with discount codes and special deals. Instead of using a generic and not very user friendly PayPal 'Buy Now' button you can now label all your productions individually and offer more options for more user functionality.


We accept PayPal, all Credit Cards (2Checkout)* & Western Union* (*For 12 month Load and Link plans only.)

Monthly subscription plans are invoiced via PayPal or 2Checkout according to your purchase date and payment cycle.
All stores are setup manually due to technical and security reasons. You will receive your ClientID and Login information to your PayPal email address within 8 hours after the payment has been received.
Our 'Link' plans come with Lifetime Service guarantees - meaning you pay a one time fee and can use the widget, account and plan for a lifetime with no recurring charges.
Our 'Load' plans come with monthly subscription setups - meaning the services we provide are invoiced in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month cycles depending on which package you choose. The invoices will be send out via PayPal according on the date of purchase. You then have 7 business days to make the payment - accounts with due payments are deactivated until outstanding bills have been paid.
Please contact us for further details - generally we can not grant refunds.


The Zinsta Link setup lets you paste an .mp3 or.wav file path to add a new production to the system. In this case the word Link comes from 'Hyperlink'. Recommended for Clients with own hosting plans and webspace. You can optionally enter a Soundclick Song ID and the store streams directly from Soundclick servers. This gives you full control over your music and you only have to upload your music once. To upload music to your own servers you need a host (we can recommend godaddy) and an FTP program for file uploads. Feel free to contact us for further support with host setups, FTP uploads, etc.
With the Zinsta Load setup you can upload your .mp3 & .wav files directly to our protected and dedicated Zinsta Servers. In this case the word Link comes from 'Upload'. We have been using fast and reliable VPS servers from Servint for the past 3 years - that is part of our transparancy policy. There are no upload limits - add your full production catalog, a preview file and final file versions for purchases.
Both setups have their advantages - while the Link plan is the perfect solution for users with own hosting plans the Load plan on the other hand suits users with no pre-purchased webspace. We do encourage artists and users to engage as independent as possible online which is why we decided to make the Link plans/widgets a one time payment and non-recurring LIFETIME plan. Generally it depends on you and your situation - feel free to contact us if you are not sure and need some help.

My Account

We know that the first time setup can be confusing so we put together a step by step instructional guide for you. You can login to your Zinsta account and click on 'first time setup' to access the exclusive member guide.
Please contact us and request a password reset.
Please contact us - we have to request particular information to process an external email change to prevent fraud.
Yes, please contact us - we give out individualized quotes for certain account changes. The switch or upgrade can be done immediately.

User Central

Login to Zinsta with your ID and password. Click 'Add Production' in the main Dashboard or optionally in the main navigation top right. When you have your Catalog page active you can also use the 'Add a Track' button at the bottom of the catalog listing. Fill all fields required (*) and click 'Save' to add the new Track / Production. A success notification will pop up within seconds after saving.
To put your catalog in a certain order we have multiple options for you. Go to 'Production' -> 'Catalog' and click on the Playlist Order number in order to update it. You can also go to the advanced production manager located at 'Production' -> 'Production Management' and order your catalog by drag & drop and by date of upload.
To use the build in categorizing system 'Genres' you can go to 'Production' -> 'Genres'. Add or delete genres by activating checkboxes or clicking the 'Add a Genre' button. To edit a genre click the 'Edit' button to the right of each Genre line.
To use the build in discount & coupon code systems you can go to 'Production' -> 'Discounts'. Add or delete discounts by activating checkboxes or clicking the 'Add a Discount' button. To edit a genre click the 'Edit' button to the right of each discount line. We have integrated an extended help directly on the 'Edit/Add a Discount' page to help you with setups more efficiently.
In order to offer productions as product you need to create a legal frame for your transaction and the use of your product. Go to 'Store' -> 'Licenses' to name up to three licenses. These three licenses can then be set up with prices when adding a new Track / Production to the catalog. The prices must be set for each song individually or via bulk edit in the Catalog manager.
Contracts are sent out upon product purchase - you can type and manage your Contract contents by going to 'Store' -> 'Licenses'. The standard text format will be automatically converted into a .pdf when sent out to the buyer. You can extend the contract with your signature by uploading a matching image file on the same page.
Invoices are sent out upon product purchase - you can determine invoice details by going to 'Store' -> 'Invoice'. Add an invoice footer text - optionally your website link and set up the invoice counter. Your business information will also be displayed on the invoices. You can set up your Business information by going to 'Store' -> 'Business info'.
In order to prevent fraud and music ripping we have build in a voiceover functionality: 'Store' -> 'Voice over'. Upload your voiceover .mp3 or .wav (recommended duration up to 5 seconds) and set up a play interval. The music player automatically lays over the voiceover tag when playing your Catalog contents.
You can go to the 'Transactions' panel in the main navigation to view all incoming orders. You can seach for certain transactions via the integrated search function on the top right.
You can go to the 'Transactions' panel in the main navigation and download the order table as .CSV or extract all emails for further use. You can find the buttons for both functionalities on the bottom left of the order table.
The Beattape functionality is supposed to help you with playlist and package sales. Go to 'Production' -> 'Beattapes' for the beattape catalog. To create a new tape click the 'Add a Beattape' button located at the bottom left of the catalog page. Enter a Beattape name, release date, License text/ Description, price & upload a cover (140x140px). Add tracks to the Beattape by clicking the checkboxes for the Tracks you want to add. Click save to finish the Beattape creation.

Embed Store

The setup on Soundclick requires two copy/paste two codes into two different sections - it consists of the regular HTML code and the matching CSS code. You take the 'Embed code' content and go to your 'Soundclick Band Administration' -> 'Edit page' -> 'Interview' -> paste the code into the 'Introduction to your band' field. After that you go to your VIP page tab -> 'Page design' -> 'CSS (Advanced)' -> scroll down to the very bottom of the code and paste the according code from 'Soundclick Embed code for CSS Section'. Please contact us if you need help with the exact setup and we will assist - there are no extra costs involved. In case you have purchase the Zinsta store along with a tripict layout we take care of the full installation process for you.
To embed the store on your own website, Wordpress and basically any HTML/CSS driven site you can add the regular 'Embed code' to the site. Optionally you can also use the 'Embed code (iframe)' solution.
Please contact us - we will help you with the installation.

Help & Support

You don't find your question answered in our knowledge base? Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.