First Time Setup

A small introduction and guide to get you started


You can login to the your Zinsta management central via - click 'Login'. You can also access it via and
To keep your data and productions safe make sure to always sign out of the Zinsta management system by clicking on your Username in the top right corner of the window - click 'Sign out'.


The User details contain your Account Info and overall Settings.

Enter your First and Last Name, valid email (this will be your business email for Zinsta transactions) and your password. It is recommended to change the setup password you receive from us with your own as soon as possible. How do I create a safe password?

In the settings you can upload your avatar image (245x25px) and enter your social network information (include http://). Both will show up in the User Panel of your store widget. Activate the 'Automatic Delivery' checkbox to make sure your transactions are delivered instantly.
The Business info tab covers essential information in order to make transactions via Zinsta. The 'Paypal account address' is your regular Paypal address to receive payments to. Business name, address, phone, email and tax number are optional and are listed on your invoices.
Each transaction email contains a detailed invoice - setup a footer text, option to display website address and an invoice count to keep track of your transactions.
To give your transactions a legal frame you can enter your general terms and conditions into the 'Terms' section. Determine rights of use, distribution details and further information. Users will be able to access them before a purchase via the 'Terms' tab in the Zinsta widget.
You can setup Zinsta with up to three different license options for each production - for example Free, Lease and Exclusive. Add a contract text and agreement for each license. The contract will be converted to a .pdf file upon transactions and send together with Invoice & Product links. To give your contracts an official look you can add your signature as image upload to the contracts. It will be directly incorporated into the .pdf file.
Upload your own Voiceover / Voicetag to protect your productions. It will be played over your songs with a selected interval of 5 to 60 seconds - choose the interval from the dropdown menu. We recommend a compact .mp3 file of around 3-5 seconds.
A. You want your clients to be redirected directly to PayPal

activate checkbox 'Hide form (use Paypal) / after clicking the 'Checkout' button on your widget your client will be directly forwarded to Paypal.

B. You want certain information from your clients before they proceed with the Paypal checkout
Activate the checkboxes in order to request a client submission for the according information. Before the Paypal checkout your clients will be asked to input the information via a submission form.

Setup a URL (include http://) where your clients will be redirected to after the Paypal checkout is complete.

Add Tracks

You clicked the 'Add new track' button to add a new production to the catalog. The top section contains general information like Song Title, Producer Name, Production number (for your orientation only), Playlist order (order in widget catalog), deactivation options (in case you want to exclude a production from your micro or regular Zinsta store), Genre categorisation and Beattape addition (activate checkbox for Beattape to add single production).
Set prices for your previously setup licenses - enter a number to deactivate and hide the production after a certain number of sales and downloads.
The info window contains further information about the Track such as length / duration and BPM.
Zinsta makes it possible to upload two separate track files for preview and for final transaction purposes. This way you can upload shorter snippets or tagged versions as preview but deliver a full version of the production upon purchase.

4.1 Enter URL
With the Link system you have to enter an URL into the system so Zinsta streams and pulls the track directly from the source. The link must have an .mp3 or .wav file ending so the system recognizes the format. To upload your music it is recommended to have a hosting server setup. Contact us for more information.

4.2 Soundclick URL
Option B of the Link system is to enter a Soundclick Song ID and let the song stream via Soundclick servers. You can find the ID for a specific production by clicking the 'Full Song Info' for a production on Soundclick - then check the browser URL bar for the address. At the very end of the path you can find the usually 8 digit song ID. Do not copy/paste the whole URL, just the ID.

4.3 Upload
The Load system is easy and safe - simply select the track from your hard drive and upload it to our secure VPS servers.

We are currently working on a new Trackout functionality - please check back later.

Create & Manage

The genres feature helps you categorizing your productions and catalog contents. Go to the Genre catalog via the main navigation 'Production' -> 'Genres'. To add a new Genre click the 'Add a Genre' button at the left bottom of the catalog screen. Enter the Genre name and save it. You can now start adding new Tracks to the Genre so your clients and potential buyers can browse by Genre.
To use the build in discount & coupon code systems you can go to 'Production' -> 'Discounts'. Add or delete discounts by activating checkboxes or clicking the 'Add a Discount' button. To edit a genre click the 'Edit' button to the right of each discount line. We have integrated an extended help directly on the 'Edit/Add a Discount' page to help you with setups more efficiently. Look out for the small help '?' icons next to the input fields.
The Beattape functionality is supposed to help you with playlist and package sales. Go to 'Production' -> 'Beattapes' for the beattape catalog. To create a new tape click the 'Add a Beattape' button located at the bottom left of the catalog page. Enter a Beattape name, release date, License text/ Description, price & upload a cover (140x140px). Add tracks to the Beattape by clicking the checkboxes for the Tracks you want to add. Click save to finish the Beattape creation.

Help & Support

You don't find your question answered in our knowledge base? Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.